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horse with flower - circus; czerniawski

Cyrk; Konik z kwiatkiem
Circus; Horse with flower
Jerzy Czerniawski
1978R; size B1

tiger - circus; czerniawski

Cyrk; tygrys
Circus; Burning tiger
Jerzy Czerniawski
1977; size B1

woman contortionist - circus; czerniawski

Cyrk; kobieta guma
Circus; Woman Contortionist
Jerzy Czerniawski
1973; size B1

flying woman - circus; janowski

Cyrk; latająca kobieta
Circus; Flying woman
Janowski Witold
1973; 1978 R; size B1

Circus; Horse and Clown

Cyrk; klowni i koń
Circus; Horse and Clown
Lustyk Bogusław
1989; B1

Anniversary of circus artists

Cyrk; Jubileusz artystów cyrku
Circus; Anniversary of circus artists
Szulecki Tomasz
1983; B1

Circus;	Horse and Two Clowns

Cyrk; dwaj klowni i koń
Circus; Horse and Two Clowns
Lustyk Bogusław
1989; B1

2 chimp - urbaniec

Cyrk; Dwa szympansy
Circus; 2 chimp
Urbaniec Maciej
circus; 1979 R; size B1

circus; audience - sawka

Cyrk; Publicznosc
Circus audience
Sawka Jan
1979R; size B1


Cyrk; piramida akrobatów
Circus; Acrobats - pyramide
Sawka Jan
1975; B1

bears on ball

Cyrk; misie na kuli
Circus; Bears on Ball
Krzysztoforski Andrzej
1979R; B1

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