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portrait of wiktor gorka
   Wiktor Gorka (1922-2004); Graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, 1952. Since 50-ties worked for Poland's largest publishing houses and film distributors: RSW "Prasa", "WAG", "CWF". For many years visiting professor at numerous artistic academies in Mexico.
   Major awards: 2nd Prize in national competition for "6 Year Plan" poster, 1949; 2nd Prize at International Film Poster Competition, Karlove Vary, 1962; 1st Prize at International Competition of Touristic Posters, Berlin, 1967; Silver Medal at 2nd Biennial of Polish Poster, Katowice, 1967; The Jose Guadelupe Posada Merit Award at 6th International Biennial in Mexico, 2000.
Wiktor Gorka poster book
Wiktor Gorka
poster book

cabaret poster gorka

B. Fosse, L. Minelli
Wiktor Gorka
movie; 1973; A1
R. 199?; size B1

pan fabre

Pan Fabre
Monsieur Fabre
Diamant-Berger H.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, France; 1953; size A1

Moby Dick J. Huston poster

Moby Dick
Huston J. Peck G.
Welles O. Basehart R. Genn L.
Gorka Wiktor
movie; size 68x47.5 cm; 1961

spartakus - gorka

Kubrick S. Douglas K.
Oliver L. Ustinov P.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, US; 1970; size A1

kawiarnia przy glownej ulicy gorka poster

Kawiarnia przy glownej ulicy
(Kaverna na hlavni tride)
Hubacek M.
Wiktor Gorka
movie; 1954; size A1

tamango - gorka

Berry J. Jurgens C. Servais J.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, France; 1959; size A1

tamango - gorka

Słodka Charity
Sweet Charity
Fosse B.
MacLaine S. McMartin J.
Gorka Wiktor
movie, US; 1970; size A1

war and peace

Wojna i pokoj
War and Peace
Vidor K. Hepburn A.
Ferrer M. Fonda H.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, US; 1961; size A1

Klub kobiet - Gorka

Klub kobiet
Club of Women
(Club de Femmes)
Habib R.
Wiktor Gorka
movie; 1958; size A1

bez rozkladu jazdy - gorka

Bez rozkladu jazdy
Train Without a Timetable
Bulajic V.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, Yug.; 1959, A1

swiatla w oknach - gorka

Swiatla w oknach
City Turns the Lights On, The
Vengerov V.
Wiktor Gorka
movie, Russia; 1960; size A1

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