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henryk tomaszewski 1914-2005
   Henryk Tomaszewski was born on June 10th 1914 in Warsaw, Poland, died on September 11th 2005. He studied painting at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (1934-39, class of professor Mieczysław Kotarbiński), where he later (1952-85) became head of Poster Design Class on the Graphics Faculty, and professor.

   Henryk Tomaszewski created his first poster designs in 1936. Till 1939 and then since 1945 till 1947 he was a cartoonist for numerous satirical magazines. In 1947 together with Eryk Lipiński he started to design posters for Film Polski (the one and only Polish national movie distribution company). In years 1950-52 Tomaszewski was a stage designer in Warsaw "Syrena" Theater.

movie poster symphonie pastorale

Symfonia pastoralna
Symphonie Pastorale
Delannoy J.
Henryk Tomaszewski
movie poster 1947, 57R

size A1
   Henryk Tomaszewski was member of the elitist Aliance Graphique International (since 1957). He was also granted the title of Honorary Royal Designer for Industry by Royal Society of Arts in London.

   His major awards include:

  • International Biennal of Arts, Sao Paolo 1963, first prize
  • International Poster Biennal, Warsaw, Silver Medal 1966, Gold Medal 1970, Silver and Gold Medals 1988, Bronze Medal 1994
  • National Polish Poster Biennal, Katowice, Gold Medal 1967, Silver Medal 1975; Grand Prix 1979, 1987, 1989
  • Poster Biennal Lahti, First Prize 1979
  • International Poster Triennial, Toyama, Bronze Medal 1991, Silver Medal 1994
  • ICOGRADA Excellence Award 1986.

ditta tomaszewski

Genning-Jensen B.
Henryk Tomaszewski
movie poster 1952, 54R

size B1
skoro go nie ma - tomaszewski

Skoro go nie ma
Peiper T.
Henryk Tomaszewski
theater 1973

size A1
pologne tomaszewski

Henryk Tomaszewski
promotional poster, 1966

size B1
marlowe theater poster

Edward II
Marlowe Ch.
Henryk Tomaszewski
theater poster 1986

size B1

tomaszewski polish movie poster

Pod niebem Sycylii
In the Name of the Law
Germi P.
Henryk Tomaszewski
movie poster 1952, 57R

size A1
polish theater poster tomaszewski

Tym S.
Henryk Tomaszewski
theater poster 1981

size B1
kordian polish theater poster

Słowacki J.
Henryk Tomaszewski
theater poster 1980

size B1

mysl i ksztalt teatru - tomaszewski

Myśl i kształt teatru
Idea and form of the theater
Henryk Tomaszewski
exhibition poster 1979

size B1
barbarzyncy - tomaszewski

Gorky M.
Henryk Tomaszewski
theater; 1976

size B1
kordian - tomaszewski

Słowacki J.
Henryk Tomaszewski
theater; 1987

size B1

piatka z ulicy barskiej tomaszewski

Piątka z Ulicy Barskiej
Five from the Barska Street
Ford A. Slaska A. Janczar T.
Henryk Tomaszewski
movie poster 1954

size A1
piekno i wygoda - tomaszewski

Piękno i wygoda na co dzień
Beauty and comfort for every day
Henryk Tomaszewski
exhibition poster 1992

size B1
chopin piano competition polish poster tomaszewski

Konkurs Chopinowski
Chopin Piano Competition
Henryk Tomaszewski
music poster 1980

size B1
solidarity polish poster tomaszewski

2+2 musi być zawsze 4
Solidarity, 2+2 must always be 4
Henryk Tomaszewski
political poster 1989

size B1

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