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   Leszek Wisniewski. Born in 1953 in Poznan, Poland. He specialize in illustrations, paintings, and posters. Studied in Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan (1973-78). Than he worked as a Freelance Illustrator for various Polish magazines, among them: "Szpilki", "Przegląd Techniczny". In 1982 he moved to Vienna, Austria where he took a job as a Art Director fort he Doyle Dane Bernbach Advertising Agency. Currently he is concentrating on illustration for magazines such as "Trend Magazin", "The New York Times", "Playboy", "Penthouse", "Profil", "Best Seller", "Newsweek", "Gesundheit". He designs poster for many upcoming cultural Events.
   His works were published and presented in several group and individual exhibitions in many countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Major awards: The Art Director Club - Bronze Medal for illustrations in the Trend Magazine, Vienna, 1985; "Werbe Edward" - Gold Medal for IKEA advertising poster, Vienna, 1987; Vienna City Council nomination for the best poster of 1987; Award of Excellence for an illustration in "New York Times", USA, 2002.

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wisniewski, circus

Circus - Tiger
Wisniewski Leszek
2008; size B1

wisniewski, circus

Circus - Clown
Wisniewski Leszek
2008; size B1

eight and half - fellini - wisniwski

Eight and Half
Osiem i pół
F. Fellini
Wisniewski Leszek
movie; 2000; size B1

chopin - wisniewski

Fryderyk Chopin
Wisniewski Leszek
commemorative; 1999; size B1

wisniewski, Polnisches Institut Wien Polish Institute in Wienna

Polnisches Institut Wien
Polish Institute in Wienna
Wisniewski Leszek
promotion; 2007; size B1

wisniewski, gracze igroki

Gracze (Igroki)
Gamblers, The
Shostakovich D.
Wisniewski Leszek
opera; 2007; size B1

wisniewski, poster gallery Cracow

Poster Gallery, Cracow
Wisniewski Leszek
exhibit; 1993; size B1

Painting and Illustration, Legnica Wisniewski

Plakaty i ilustracje
Painting and Illustration, Legnica
Wisniewski Leszek
exhibit; 2001; size B1

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