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   Zebrowski's artworks are easily recognizable thanks to his individual style. Often monochrome, though not always black and white but also a combination of other colors with a large dominant motive that fills the entire surface of the design, they immediately attract the attention and stimulate the imagination of the spectator.
  Leszek Żebrowski (b. 1950) - graduate of Szczecin Art College (Liceum Sztuk Plastycznych) and Gdansk Academy of Arts (Wyższa Szkoła Sztuk Plastycznych) Faculty of Graphic Design under the guidance of prof. Krechowicz. He is a very versatile artist. A painter as well as poster designer, theater set designer, book illustrator and cartoonist. His works include posters for theaters, festivals and galleries of Szczecin and Cracow (Poland), Berlin and Lübeck (Germany), illustrations for Glob Edition House, Krajowa Agencja Wydawnicza (major Polish poster publisher 1960s - 80s) and Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych (National Art Exhibitions Bureau). Zebrowski is also an active art promotor who arranged numerous exhibitions and performances e.g. musical-artistic action ''Przyspieszenie'' (Acceleration). His works have been shown on more than 70 individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

Wujaszek Wania - Zebrowski

Wujaszek Wania
Uncle Vanya
Anton P. Chekhov
Leszek Zebrowski
theater; 1989; size B1

listy z domu - zebrowski

Listy z domu; plakaty i rysunki
Letters from home;
posters and drawings
Leszek Zebrowski
exhibition; 2004; size B1

festiwal filmowy

Ogólnopolski Festiwal
Filmów Krótkometrażowych
Polish Festival of Short Film
Leszek Zebrowski
movie; 1996; size B1

Polnische Plakate aus Stalinzeit - zebrowski

Polnische Plakate aus Stalinzeit
Polish posters from Stalin times
Leszek Zebrowski
exhibition; 2002; size B1

Upiór w operze Phantom of the Opera Zebrowski

Upiór w operze
Phantom of the Opera
Yeston M. Kopit A.
Leszek Zebrowski
theater; 1999; size B1

galina - zebrowski

Landowski M.
Leszek Zebrowski
opera; 1999; size B1


Parker A. Cage N. Modine M.
Leszek Zebrowski
movie; 1998; size B1

czlowiek z la manchy - zebrowski

Człowiek z La Manchy
Man of La Mancha
Leight M. Wasserman D. Darion J.
Leszek Zebrowski
theater; 2002; size B1

hamlet Shakespeare poster

Leszek Zebrowski
theater; 1978; size B1

Proces - Zebrowski

Kafka F.
Leszek Zebrowski
theater; 1997; size B1

Der Process - Zebrowski

Der Process
Kafka F.
Leszek Zebrowski
theater; 1997; size B1

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